Choosing the right size underwire for your bra

Choosing the right size underwire


Need help deciding which underwire to get? We stock two different types of underwire. They are both high quality steel coated underwires manufactured by a commercial lingerie supplier. If you’re new to bra making – it’s worth pointing out that you can use the same size underwire for different sized bras. This is called ‘sister sizing’ or ‘companion sizing’.

Bra Sister Sizes


If you click on either of the diagrams below, you can print out a pdf scale generic ultram online version of the underwires that we currently have in stock. (Ensure you choose ‘no scaling’ or ‘100%’ in the printer dialog box). This is pretty handy if you’d like to compare our standard sizes to a bra underwire that you may have.

Underwire Style A: Useful for balconette, strapless or fuller frame underwire bras

underwire style A

Underwire Style B: Useful for full frame underwire bras or bras that require a slightly lower bridge

Underwire Style B