Choosing the right lace for Lingerie


Confused about choosing the right lace for lingerie and and bra making projects? What types of lace are out there and when to use them? (Or did you watch the Great British Sewing Bee and are now terrified of Lace?! Don’t worry, it’s really not that frightening!) Here’s a quick little guide for choosing the […]

How to sew the long Kyoto kimono robe – Sewing up the sides

Kyoto Kimono Sewing Pattern

How to sew the long Kyoto kimono Sewing up the Side Seams Continuing with the Kyoto Kimono posts, today’s post is about sewing the kimono front and back together. Because of the obvious underarm curves, a French seam is not ideal as a seam finish. However, it’s still a great option to use when sewing […]

How to Sew the Long Kyoto kimono | Sleeves and Neckline

Kyoto Kimono Sewing Pattern

How to sew the long Kyoto kimono Before we put the kimono together, we have to stitch the sleeves together and prepare the neckline. 1. Stay-stitch your neckline and collar What is stay-stitching? Very simply, it’s a line of stitching that is sewn within the seam allowance to prevent the edge of your fabric distorting […]

How to put together PDF sewing patterns

how to print your PDF sewing pattern at home

You will need: A printer! Paper/Card Stock Paper Scissors Ruler/Tape Measure Tape 1. Print out your pattern Make sure that your printer does not have the option set ‘to scale’ or ‘fit to page’ ticked. If so, this will affect the pattern pieces by making them larger or smaller than they are intended to be. This is what my […]