Tutorial: how to cut a lace bra

Lace placement tutorial | Elise Patterns

The loveliest thing about sewing your own bras is being able to use beautiful materials – and as we explained in our guide to lace, there’s lots to choose from! Cutting patterned, scallop-edged lace takes some planning in order to get the best results. Here’s an easy tutorial to show you how to cut a lace […]

Tutorial: How to sew a bra strap with 3 easy design variations

How to make bra straps | Tutorial

One of the best things about sewing your own lingerie is the ability to make it entirely custom-fit – no more worries about bra straps digging in or sliding off your shoulders! Comfortable bra straps use firm strap elastic, rings, and adjusters. The adjusters are a practical component, allowing you to adjust the length of the […]

How to sew the long Kyoto kimono robe – Sewing up the sides

Kyoto Kimono Sewing Pattern

How to sew the long Kyoto kimono Sewing up the Side Seams Continuing with the Kyoto Kimono posts, today’s post is about sewing the kimono front and back together. Because of the obvious underarm curves, a French seam is not ideal as a seam finish. However, it’s still a great option to use when sewing […]

How to Sew the Long Kyoto kimono | Sleeves and Neckline

Kyoto Kimono Sewing Pattern

How to sew the long Kyoto kimono Before we put the kimono together, we have to stitch the sleeves together and prepare the neckline. 1. Stay-stitch your neckline and collar What is stay-stitching? Very simply, it’s a line of stitching that is sewn within the seam allowance to prevent the edge of your fabric distorting […]

Making the Short Kyoto kimono – A little Guide…

Kyoto Kimono Sewing Pattern

So you’ve got your pattern and it’s all printed and cut out in the right size. Ready to start making the short Kyoto kimono? So before you start, it’s best to pre-wash your fabric the way you intend to wash your finished kimono jacket. This is probably the most important bit out of the whole process. Nothing’s […]