How to sew the long Kyoto kimono robe – Sewing up the sides

Kyoto Kimono Sewing Pattern

How to sew the long Kyoto kimono

Sewing up the Side Seams

Continuing with the Kyoto Kimono posts, today’s post is about sewing the kimono front and back together.

Because of the obvious underarm curves, a French seam is not ideal as a seam finish. However, it’s still a great option to use when sewing the shoulders because that’s relatively straight.

So firstly sew the front and back sections together at the shoulder with a French seam (If you’re not sure how to do a French Seam, check out the last post on sewing the sleeves).

Once you’ve finished the shoulder seams, with right sides facing each other – match the seams and edges of the front and back at the underarm and all the way down to the marking for the opening near the bottom of the side seam. Using a straight stitch, sew 5/8″ or 1.5cm from the edge all the way round.

sew the long Kyoto kimono


Press this seam open. When you get to where the slit opening is, turn the edge ultram online us pharmacy under by 5/8″ or 1.5cm.

sew the long Kyoto kimono


Then turn under the seam allowance of the side seam about a 1/4″ or 0.5cm and press this (you don’t have to press it, but it’s a lot easier – I sometimes pin it to the ironing board to help me press it!).

Kyoto Kimono Sewing Tutorial

Using a straight stitch, carefully edge stitch close to the fold from the start of the underarm sleeve all the way down to the bottom of the hem.

Be careful when you’re edge stitching that you don’t stitch onto the garment by mistake. Some machines have an edge stitching foot that help with make edge stitching easier.

Kyoto Kimono Sewing Tutorial

Finally, fold back your seam allowance and trim away the excess with a small pair of scissors for a lovely neat finish.

Kyoto Kimono Sewing Pattern

Alternative seam finishes: Use bias binding to encase the seams, overlock the seams or pink the edges of your seam.

And finally – don’t forget to clip into the curves of your underarm!

Next up: Attaching the Sleeve Bands and Collar

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