How to Sew the Long Kyoto kimono | Sleeves and Neckline

Kyoto Kimono Sewing Pattern

How to sew the long Kyoto kimono

Before we put the kimono together, we have to stitch the sleeves together and prepare the neckline.

1. Stay-stitch your neckline and collar

What is stay-stitching? Very simply, it’s a line of stitching that is sewn within the seam allowance to prevent the edge of your fabric distorting and growing in size!

Use a fairly large stitch length, so it’s easy to unpick afterwards (if you don’t unpick stay-stitching it can ruin your neckline!). And, if you’re using a delicate fabric like silk satin, it’s even more important to keep your stay-stitching within the seam allowance to avoid pesky littles holes being visible when you’re finished!

Kyoto Kimono Sewing Tutorial


2. Attach the sleeve sections to the front and back

Next, we attach the sleeve sections to the front and back bodice using beautiful French seams.

Start by pinning the wrong legit ultram online sides together and sew together 3/8″ from the edge or if you are using metric – 10mm from the edge. Press your seam and then make sure you trim closely to the seam! (We don’t want little bits of fabric poking through your seam at the end and this will happen if you don’t trim closely enough!)

Press your seam open. Then turn your fabric so that right sides are now facing each other and press the seam again. Stitch 1/4″ or 5mm from the edge and you have finished your seam!

Kyoto Kimono Sewing Tutorial

And if you want to watch a little video on how to sew French seams (or you want to have a little giggle at my first ever YouTube video) take a little gander at this:

Next up: Sewing the kimono sides together and attaching the collar!

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