Knit Fabric Sewing Tips

Sewing tips for knits

Wanting to sew with jersey but not sure where to start? Here’s my list of knit fabric sewing tips to help you get started.

Before you start

  • Prewash all your fabric and don’t forget to add any trims into the wash that you’ll be using too.
  • Use the smallest sized needle possible in preferably a stretch or ballpoint needle. Failing that, a universal needle would be fine too.
  • Sharp fabric Scissors and a twin needle

Sewing tips for knits

  • Magic tape for putting together PDF sewing patterns or making alterations
  • Always use polyester thread – Polyester threads have a bit of stretch in them that natural fibre threads don’t have. Plus, polyester last much longer than other threads and are mildew resistant!


  • Knits stretch, so you need a seam that allows for a bit of movement. You can either use a straight stitch or a zig zag stitch to sew a seam together. If you use a straight stitch, make sure that your stitch length is a little bit longer than usual and the tension is relaxed a little. When you feed the fabric through the machine, make sure you stretch it a little as it is stitched.
  • If you use a zig zag stitch – play order tramadol ultram online around with the widths of the stitch. A wide zig zag is good for hemming but a narrower zig zag is better for sewing straight seams. It’s always worth trying out your stitching on a scrap of your fabric before starting so you can adjust the tension and appearance of the stitching.
  • It’s also completely acceptable to vary your stitching for different seams i.e. a zig zag for the hem and a straight stitch for vertical seams.

Seam Finishes

  • The great thing about Knit fabrics is that they don’t fray, so if you’re feeling particularly lazy you don’t have to finish the seam allowances off – you could just trim them down. However, if you do have access to an overlocker (or serger), why not overlock your seams for a lovely professional finish.

Sewing tips for knits

  • Finally, when you’re finishing your hem – Zig zag or overlock (serge) the hem then use a twin needle to get a professional looking hem that looks as if you used a coverstitch .. Alternatively if you have a coverstitch, you could just use that too!

Sewing tips for knits

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